CURRENT PROJECTS > lockersphere - gallery 1 (concept to delivery)

Lockersphere is created entirely from locker doors salvaged from the old Lower Merion High School building that was demolished during the school’s most recent rebuild. Before the walls came down, artist Peter Trout Gard – a Lower Merion alum – removed hundreds of doors with a vision to create a dynamic piece of artwork for the new space that would pay homage to the school’s past. Lockersphere is at once old and new, whimsical and weighty – and also literally quite heavy, weighing 700lbs. Transforming familiar objects by shifting scale, composition and context, is a common thread throughout Gard’s work, and Lockersphere is no exception. With an impressive diameter of seven and a half feet, containing pieces of nearly 100 lockers, and installed 25 feet in the air, the spherical shape is anything but simple. “For decades these simple metal boxes lined the walls and literally created the school environment for thousands of students,” said Gard. “So much has happened and will continue to happen in these hallways. The locker isn’t necessarily the home base it used to be, but in this moment in time, it’s a symbol that represents our varied but shared experiences.”