Peter Trout Gard is a Philadelphia artist whose varied body of work includes large-scale metal sculptures as well as smaller, mixed media pieces incorporating glass, wood, concrete, steel and more. He has received numerous public and private commissions, and regularly creates custom work for clients – both fine art and functional pieces.

A life-long tinkerer, Peter relies heavily on his passion for and knowledge of materials, and believes quality craftsmanship is equally as important as creativity. His most recent projects illustrate his dexterity: a 7 ½ foot spherical piece made entirely of salvaged locker doors for a public high school; and a series of refined sculptural lamps assembled from unlikely materials such as machine parts, oversized hardware, and gears.

Peter earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997 from Alfred University, where he also studied art education. His work can be found in private collections across the country as well as in public spaces regionally. He currently lives in Bucks County with his wife, two sons and two dogs.


Statement - public art:

My sculptures are translations. As an artist I am compelled to look inside a form, a feeling, a space, and reveal the layers. Literal representations with shifts in scale, composition or position transform the familiar and create new meaning.

In regards to site specific work I believe that every space contains within itself a perfect piece of art – and my job is to unearth it.  With each new challenge I design a work that not only stands autonomously as a piece of sculpture but relates to the site, the community, and its history where it resides. Through research of a specific location, a piece begins to take form.  I incorporate ideas from the past, previous uses of a space, and history both well-known and obscure, along with feelings, inspirations and physical aspects of the present and plans for the future. Light, shape, use, surroundings, and adjacent materials all play a part in the creation of a piece that will exist harmoniously in its intended environment.

 My enthusiasm for public art stems from its accessibility. Public sculpture, by its nature, allows all members of the community and transient audiences the opportunity to experience art, whether they intended to or not.  My work is created to communicate with viewers in an understandable vocabulary, allowing them room to investigate their curiosity with the piece without being intimidated. For me, success is a piece through which conversations are generated, imaginations are sparked and stories are told.

 All of my sculptures are designed, fabricated and installed with safety and longevity in mind. I consider myself a craftsperson as well as an artist. I am devoted to the creation of work that is durable and of high quality on multiple levels, so that my sculpture can become a valued and integral part of a community’s landscape and history.